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Why Cricket is popular in India

Around 125 countries play cricket from all around the world. Cricket has existed in India for a really long time. It has been the favorite game of India for the past few decades. It all started when India won the cricket world cup in the year 1983. For any sport to be popular in the country there has to be a player who has achieved something in the sport. That leads to inspiration to the rest of the people that sport can be chosen as a career. Here we will look at why cricket is the most popular game in the country when compared with others.

•        Children get exposed to the sport at a very young age

After kids coming from school, they go straight to the nearest group or to a space in their society itself and call out names of their friends to play a cricket. It is one sport that kids get exposed to very young age. They see elders playing at the school ground or someplace else. It becomes a mode of enjoyment and physical activity for kids.

•        India has produced world-class cricketers over the years

As mentioned previously it all started in 1983 when India won the world cup. When the story of India winning a trophy spread everyone got interested suddenly. They wanted to know about the sport. And when they realized that anyone could join the international team then a lot of people got inspired. Kids as young as 10 years old start playing cricket looking at great players of India like Sachin, Gavaskar, Dravid, and many more.

•        India’s victories at international platform

India has won the world cup twice (1983 and 2011) in One day international and a single time in twenty international in 2007. This is another reason that a lot of young players get inspired and that makes this sport more popular in the country.

•        Indian Premier League

It was the first time that league matches got started in cricket on such a large scale. League teams existed in cricket for a really long time and looking at the viewership of India a league was created where players from different countries would be playing under the same team. Players like Sachin, Ponting, Polck played in a single team at the start of the league. It gathers a lot of attention from people all over the country and we have witnessed some interesting matches in the IPL.

•        Board of control of cricket in India

It is the most powerful cricket board in the world. In terms of revenue generation, it has been continuously on the top. BCCI has a huge influence over ICC, and it all comes down to the popularity of the game in the country. India has a huge percentage in viewership of the sport when compared with the rest of the world.

•        It is loved by everyone

It is not just a sport but an emotion in India. People get home early from work just so that they would be able to watch the whole match live. India generates a huge viewership when India is playing. It increases a lot of times when the India-Pakistan match is going on. As India is having a lot of viewership this has led to sponsors and advertisements. Companies and brands invest crores of rupees just so that people watch their product after an end of an over or fall of a wicket. 

•        It is the richest sport in the country

People like watching players competing with each other in real-time over their screens. Cricket has a huge investment in the country. One of the best stadiums has been created all around the country. The infrastructure used is of the highest possible quality for the maximum entertainment of the cricket fans.

•        Cricket clubs all around the country

There are a lot of cricket clubs that have been opened all around the country. During summer vacation many school-going students join these clubs to try their hands at the bat and ball thinking that they would become like Sachin. It is a way of physical activity as well as an opportunity to understand sports better.

Cricket has always been more than just a sport; it is an emotion. People care too much about the win or the loss of the team. It is one of the reasons why Indian cricket players are under a lot of pressure that if they don’t perform, they are going to disappoint a lot of Indian cricket fans

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